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Gain a better understanding of the coin values of your rare US coins and currency collection. Sell your collection at the best possible price after having us appraise them.

Show Schedule

Arnold Miniman, owner of Carolina Collector Coins and an avid coin collector, will be attending a series of coin shows. Please try to meet him at one of them. He is always happy to discuss your collection and your interests.

More Than 40 Years
of Collecting Rare US Coins
More than 20 Years
of Buying Coin Collections

Member of the Following: American Numismatic Association®, American Numismatic Society®,
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The shows in Florence, SC and Wilmington, NC are history. We now have a long break before our next show in a new location, Concord, NC. It is on Father's Day weekend although the show ends that Saturday. See the Show Schedule page for full details. Florence and Wilmington are relatively small shows. They are well run, and attendance was pretty good, but sales were a bit disappointing. The Saturday crowd in Wilmington spent a lot of time looking, but very little time buying. Fortunately, Sunday was better and made the four hour trip worthwhile. One deal worth mentioning is a trade that occured at the Florence show. We obtained two Dansco books with 31 early Bust Halves. Granted, many are low grade, but there are a few better coins, and we are offering the entire collection with the Dansco books for $1,900.

About Carolina Collector Coins, formerly Carolina Coin and Currency Buyers"

Carolina Collector Coins on Johns Island, South Carolina, specializes in the buying and selling of rare United States coins and currency With over 40 years as a serious collector, and over 20 years as a dealer we are able to make an informed appraisal of your collection to enable you to inderstand the true value of your coins and, in turn, be able to sell your coins and currency at the best possible price.
In addition to evaluating your collection we are in a position to offer an immediate cash payment should our offer be acceptable. Feel free to obtain a secondary opinion regarding the value of your collection. We are confident that our offer will be the highest one you receive.

We are also selling collector coins and currency. Please review the related information on the "Inventory" and "Show Schedule" pages.

Contact us on Johns Island, South Carolina, to request an estimate of how much your collection of rare coins or collectible coins are worth.

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